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algonquin district 2024 Pinewood Derby
April 20, 2024

2024 Algonquin District Pinewood Derby

Breen Hall at Our Lady of Fatima Church (use church parking lot)

5 Strathmore Road, Scarsdale, NY 10538

Congratulations to all our racers, most especially...


1st Place OVERALL:  Lion William D., #37, Pack 6 Crestwood

Runner Up:  Wolf Benjamin C., #10, Pack 2 Rye


1st Place by Rank

Lion William D., #37, Pack 6 Crestwood

Tiger Theo S., #26, Pack 3 Rye Brook

Wolf Benjamin C., #10, Pack 2 Rye

Bear Quintin M., #5, Pack 1 New Rochelle

Webelos Sloan B., #17, Pack 353 Eastchester

Arrow of Light Matthew W., #48, Pack 8 Pelham


Design Contest

Looks Least Like a Car   #11, Carter C., Pack 2 Rye

Fastest Looking   #13, Oliver G., Pack 2 Rye

Best Paint Job & Detailing   #40, Noah Mc., Pack 6 Crestwood

Most Original   #12, Clinton E., Pack 2 Rye

Best of Show   #31, Stella T., Pack 400 Port Chester

We'll see everyone at next year's race in 2025!!

2024 Registration Info

Pack Committees must register their racers by April 13, 2024 via the Council’s online registration form at

NO WALK-IN RACERS!! All Scouts MUST be pre-registered

ENTRY FEE:  $12 per Scout/Racer.

Spectators are FREE. No admission fee.


Download Event Flyer


Official Rules

We recommend Pack's adopt the District construction rules to ensure winning cars who go on to compete at the District Race do not encounter any issues during car inspection.  Download Official District Construction & Race Rules

Each Pack in the Algonquin District is invited to send the fastest cars from each rank to complete at the Algonquin District Pinewood Derby.  That’s up to six Cub Scouts from a Pack:  Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and Arrow of Light ranks. 

  • If a Pack is signing up less than six scouts, please email Race Committee so we do not worry there is a mistake and think we are missing a scout/rank.

  • Send an email to Race Committee with the name and rank of each racer if you do not supply the names on the registration system.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place finishers in each scout rank will be awarded a trophy.

Fastest Overall and Runner up will each be awarded a trophy.

The Design Contest returns in 2023! Trophies to be awarded.



2:00pm – 2:45pm       Mandatory Racer Check-In & Car Inspection

2:45pm                         Cut-Off Time for cars/racers. Voting for Design Contest will open shortly after Cut-Off Time.

~3:00pm  - 4:15pm     Algonquin District Pinewood Derby (All Ranks)

4:30pm – 4:45pm       Award Ceremony for Speed & Design

Event Supporters

Annunciation-Our Lady of Fatima Parish for graciously making Breen Hall available as the racing venue.

Algonquin District volunteers for Inspection and Weigh In

Troop 1 Crestwood as our Track Officials and Pit Crew

Answers to Common Construction Questions.

Be sure to read the Official Rules for all do’s and don’ts. Email with any Pinewood Derby questions:

  • What parts am I allowed to use to build the car? Use only Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit wood, wheels, and nails. You will add weight to the car and also paint it and add decorative accessories.

  • How much does the car have to weigh?  Maximum Weight is 5.00 ounces (141.7 grams), as determined by the Pack’s official race scales. TIP! Try to get the car as close to but not more than 5.00 ounces. Leave some “wiggle room” since scales vary. The race scales are the official scales. If a car is overweight, or very underweight, racers will be allowed make adjustments at Check-In.

  • Can my scout re-use last year’s car?  No. All construction should be since November 2023.

  • Can I buy a pre-made car?  No. Any cars or parts bought off Ebay, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any other place will be disqualified.

  • Can I drill my own holes for the axles (nails)?  No, axles MUST be installed in the pre-cut slots provided by the kit manufacturer (do not extend the wheel base). Tip: Try to get insert the nail/axle correctly on the first try. The more times you install and remove the axles, the looser things get. You can add a bit of glue to keep the axles secure.

  • Do all four wheels have to touch the track surface and roll? Yes, all four wheels must contact the track and each must roll. 

  • Can we bend or cant the axles? Bent axles are prohibited. Axles may be canted for alignment purposes. Axle guards are not permitted. Inspectors must be able to visually inspect the axles during the check-in/inspection process.

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