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Pitch in for Parks

April 25, 2021 from 2pm to 3:30pm (see details below)

Morning cancelled due to rain forecast

2017 Pitch in for Parks - Success Cone R

Adjusting plans due to morning rain in forecast. 

Pack has TWO projects based on the grade/rank of the Scout.

Where:  Meet at American Legion Plaza for an opening ceremony.

Park on nearby streets or at the Crestwood Train Station.

WHEN:  Sunday, April 25 from 2pm to 3:30pm

Siblings welcome.  
-->Please text your Den Leader so he/she knows which session you'll be going to. 



Join us in the afternoon


2pm           Opening Flag Ceremony. Sign in/Activity Consent Form.

2:15pm      Clean Up Assignments:  American Legion Plaza or Park Cleanup

3:20pm      Stop work.

3:25pm      Take group photo

3:30pm      Dismissed

Project #1  Spruce up American Legion Plaza:  Scouts/Parents will place mulch around nine trees and the monument. Will also clean the monument, rake the grass, and remove weeds from the bricks.

Project #2:  Park Cleanup south of the Crestwood Train Station Parking Lot.  PIck up litter and remove Japanese Knot Weed growing along the river. 

Cub Scouts bring:

·   A rake

 Work/gardening gloves since we’ll be picking up garbage.

- Water (kids get thirsty)

·  Individual garbage/store bags (will dump contents into larger trash bags from County)

Cub Scouts wear:

·  Pack t-shirt, sunscreen

·  Rain boots to keep feet dry; sneakers clean


Pack 6 will supply:

·  Limited supply of work gloves

·  Long-arm grabbers (limited amount for picking up garbage)

·  Large heavy-duty garbage bags

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