Thunderbird Games

What is the address? Where is Thunderbird located?

Thunderbird Games take place @ 1A Croton Point Avenue, Croton-on-Hudson, New York 10520. If you’ve been to the Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze, it is the same exit. Just turn left instead of right.


What do scouts wear?

Scouts can wear their Pack 6 t-shirt or their full Class A uniform (blue or tan uniform shirt). It can get WINDY there, so dress for the forecasted weather.


When do I arrive?

Croton Point Park is a 35-minute drive from Yonkers. Your arrival time will VARY depending on your plans for the day.

  • Games ONLY| Plan to leave Yonkers around 10:45am and arrive at Croton Point Park around 11:30am for the 11:45am Opening Ceremony. Games are from Noon to 4pm. You can arrive late, but will have less time for the Games.

  • Games and Camping| Plan to leave Yonkers as early as 7:30am but no later than 9:30am. Units can arrive as early as 8am to set up the campsite. Allow time to set up your tent and be down opening ceremony no later than 11:45am. Games are from Noon to 4pm. If you arrive late, drop off your gear at the campsite before heading over to the games.

  • Webelos-Ree and Camping| Plan to leave Yonkers around 7:30am so you can arrive at Croton Point Park by 8:15am, set up your tent and be down at the Webelos-Ree no later than 9:45am.


Should I bring my own lunch? Do they sell food?

We suggest you pack your own lunch and snacks/drink for Saturday. Food is sold at the Games, but the lines can be long and really cut into time for games.


Where is Pack 6 meeting at Thunderbird?

There is no specific time/place for the entire Pack to meet; however, if dens would like to designate a meeting point before entering the games field, the registration/check-in desk is the most identifiable location. Otherwise, text/call each other to meet up in the mail field where the Games are being held.