Scouting for Food
Bring food on or before Noon October 1

Scouting for Food patch.jpg

How to participate:

Sept 24, 25, 26: 

  • Download the flyer PDF

  • Fill in the day and time your scout will pick up the food donations. Scout should sign the note with his first name and den number/rank. If you know your neighbors well, you can also include your parent's phone number so your neighbors can call/text that they are participating.

  • Contact your neighbors to invite them to donate bags of food. 1) Email the flyer, 2) Go door to door and either leave the flyer in your neighbors' mailboxes or ring the door bell and explain the food drive and how they can participate. 

Sept 27, 28, 29 or 30:

  • Go "Scouting for Food" on the day/time you told your neighbors you'd pick up their donation. 

On or before 12 Noon, Friday Oct 1:

  • Drop off your items at Cubmaster's front porch (47 Lincoln Circle), or your den leader if instructed

Food Pantry:

  • Cubmaster/Den Leaders will bring donations to the food pantry on Friday, October 1 at 5pm delivery.

  • Would you like to help deliver the food to the pantry? Volunteers are welcome to help drive over food and unload cars and bring food into the food pantry at 141 Ashburton Avenue. Email to coordinate with the Cubmaster


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