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Fall Popcorn Sale!! Final stretch for wagon sales...Enter "take orders" by 11:59pm on Wed, Nov 1
Earn a free ticket to Pack Sleepover to Battleship Cove in Fall River MA

Popcorn sales help fund Pack 6 Crestwood's scouting program including:

  • Pinewood Derby kits, ribbons and trophies, Awesome Blue & Gold entertainment and decorations, Scout Sunday (Light of Christ/Parvuli Dei workbooks and medals) campfire s'mores, and much, much more!!

3 PRIZE PROGRAMS: One from Pack 6 Crestwood, one from our local BSA Council, and one from Trail's End (the popcorn company)


  • Level #1 (Minimum Per Family) - Create a Trail's End account & Sell 5 Items:  Each family is asked to sell five items to support Pack 6 programs. These items can be sold in any method (Take Order form, Online via your scout's account, or at an in-person Show & Sell).  When you create the scout account, you will be asked to identify our unit. Select "Greater Hudson Valley" for Council, "Algonquin" for District, and "Pack 0006 Crestwood" for Unit.

  • Level #2 - Sell $100 in popcorn:  Earn a $5 gift card to Five Below from Pack 6. Must also create a Trail's End account

  • Level #3 - Sell $375 in popcorn for the ticket to Pack 6's overnighter:  Earn a free ticket to the Pack Overnighter (Battleship Cove in Fall River, MA in early 2024). If a scout sells another $375, they earn a 2nd ticket for their parent. Parents who don't select the trip option may apply the incentive to other things, like Pack dues or Blue & Gold dinner tickets.

  • How we calculate a scout's level for prizes from Pack 6: 
    Total Sales = Show & Sell Wagon Sales + Take Order Wagon Sales + Online Direct Orders

  • Parents with more than one scout may combine your sons' sales for prizes from Pack 6 Crestwood. Cannot combine for prizes from Council or Trail's End. 




Key info you'll need when setting up an account at Trail's End app: 

  • Create a popcorn account for your scout. 

  • When you create the scout account, you will be asked to identify our unit. Select "Greater Hudson Valley" for Council, "Algonquin" for District, and "Pack 0006 Crestwood" for Unit.


2 Deadlines: Nov 1 for Take OrderDec 30 for Online Direct Orders

We encourage scouts to sell via the Take Order form because the price for popcorn cost is cheaper compared to online direct orders. However, the Take Order has an earlier deadline (Nov 1).

SELL DOOR TO DOOR using "Take Order" Form - Deadline 11:59pm on Nov 1

These are traditional door-to door sales. Use the paper order form to record the individual orders. Be sure to collect payment at the time of the order (cash or check payable to "Pack 6 Crestwood"  You can also record the sale in the app (download to smartphone) and use the built-in credit/debit card payment for extra points.

  • Submit your order by 11:59pm on Nov 1, 2023. Pack 6 will aggregate all our scouts' orders into a single order.

  • To submit your order, you may follow this suggested "hack"...which is intended to streamline the process. The "take order" form has all your scout's individual customer orders. We only need to know the totals per item. Instead of entering individual customer orders, you can simply add up the total quantity for each item and enter the total per item. Be sure to double check your math. You are also welcome to enter individual customer orders if you prefer to use all the features built into the website.

  • Record the sales as "Wagon Sales " in the Trail's End app: 

    • "Take Order" Wagon Sale: If your scout took an order and did NOT give popcorn to the customer, it is ESSENTIAL that you UNCHECK the box under "Mark Delivered" (click for example screen shot). This will indicate that the quantity should be included in our overall popcorn order. If you accidentally leave it checked as delivered, then we will assume it was delivered and we will NOT order the popcorn...which means you will have failed to order popcorn for your customer. (If this is unclear, please email Pack 6)

    • "Show and Sell" Wagon Sale:  If you have popcorn inventory that was given to you on consignment from your den leader, and you gave the popcorn to your customer, then CHECK the box under "Mark Delivered."

  • KEEP your order form as backup so your scout can make the "take order" deliveries once the popcorn comes in on Nov 18. However, please ALSO scan and submit the form via email to Pack 6 so we can compare your order against what we see in the order system for a second set of eyes.

  • Submit payment for the entire order by Nov 5 to your den leader. Include a photocopy of the "take order" form.

  • Nov 18 popcorn delivery date:  Let your customers know you will deliver the popcorn starting on Nov 18. 

ONLINE DIRECT ORDERS:  Deadline is Dec 30, 2023--apply towards Amazon Gift card level. Full Disclosure: Popcorn prices are higher via the online direct method (as compared to the Take Order Form) and there are also shipping costs. Free shipping is offered for totals $65 or higher. The "Take Order" is the better deal for customers.

  • Create a popcorn account for your scout. 

  • Share your son's popcorn account on social media or via email. Your scout's popcorn account features a link to share on social media and a place to enter email addresses. Friends/family order and pay online. Popcorn ships direct to customer. Your scout gets the credit if the customer uses the scout's online code.


Key Links:

QUESTIONS?  Send an email and we'll get right back to you!!

70% of sales support Pack 6 Crestwood and the Greater Hudson Valley Council

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