NEED TO MAKE A CORRECTION? Complete by 9pm Tuesday, Oct 29.

IF YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY CHANGES (change delivered/undelivered status, etc), watch this video...go to timecode 01:55.

2019 Popcorn Schedule:

  • SUNDAY, Oct 27 Submit orders today. Create Trail’s End account online and download app (instructions below)

  • MONDAY/TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY Turn over money to your den leader by this Wednesday. If you did not collect money at the time if order , you CAN write one check for the total amount due to “Pack 6 Crestwood “ and collect from customers later. 

  • SATURDAY, Nov 16:  Popcorn will be delivered. Each den must have TWO people available to sort the popcorn (Parish Room from 1pm to 3pm)

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DOWNLOAD the Order Form

Customer Order Form

Product​ Sheet with Prices

Prizes from Trail's End

Sales Incentive from Pack 6 Crestwood

Sell $350 Popcorn = FREE Ticket to the Pack Sleepover

Show & Sells help your scout get closer to earning a free ticket to our Pack sleepover (up to $65 value).

Sell $350 in popcorn = 1 ticket (for scout)

Sell $700 and get two free tickets (one for scout; one for parent)

Where is this year's Pack Sleepover? 

We are determining a destination for 2020. Prior sleepovers include:

2019:  Aquatic Center

2018:  Liberty Science Center

2017:  Cradle of Aviation

2016:  Battleship Cove

2015:  Franklin Institute

2014:  Mystic Aquarium


Clarifying the Trails-End website and the app (Hint! They have different purposes)


Is selling online vs. app better than the other? Do you care which one we use?

No, the choice is up to you.


Do we have to create the account at Trail’s End if we’re only doing traditional door-to-door sales?

Yes, everyone should create an account at www.trails-end.com. The online account is:

  • Used for administrative purposes so sales can be tracked regardless of method (online, app, storefront, door to door, etc.). A scout code is generated when he creates this account.

  • Online account is needed by the scout in order to get prizes from Trail’s End.

  • Brothers need their OWN accounts. Parents can use the same email address to set them up.


NOTE:  You will need the following Unit information to correctly link your scout's account to Pack 6 and have our Pack get credit for the sales:  Council = "Westchester Putnam Council"; District = "Algonquin”; Unit = "Pack 6 Crestwood"


What are some reasons to download the Trail’s End app?

The app is used to:

  • Sign up for storefront sales (e.g., sales outside Masses, train station, supermarkets).

  • Enter orders from Take Order Form.

  • Note:  Parents should KEEP the paper Take Order Form. It is the official record for collecting money and delivering orders. Do NOT give it to your den leader.


Where do I go to create the online account and to download the app?

ONLINE, go to www.trails-end.com (access from a laptop)

APP STORE, download Trail's End app (download to your smartphone)


How does an order through the Trail’s End WEBSITE work?

(Sell Online/Immediate Shipping DIRECT to the customer…think Amazon)

The scout:

  • Sends his Trail’s End code to potential customers via email, social media.

  • The customer uses the code to order and pays online. The popcorn is shipped directly to the customer. This is great for family/friends who live far away. Transactions are processed and delivered right away.

  • IMPORTANT:  Please do NOT duplicate/repeat the online order in the app.  That would create a double order. Rest assured, we can see your scout’s online orders in the Leader Dashboard.


How does an order through the Trail’s End APP work? [WATCH VIDEO]

The app is essentially an electronic version of the paper Take Order Form. You will use the app to submit sales made door-to-door or by parents at work.

  1. Open the Trails End app and start a “Wagon Sale”

  2. Add Products (use plus or minus sign). TIP:  Now that we are at the end of the fundraiser, you have two choices for entering your son’s sales:  A) Recreate the line-by-line entries from the order form OR  B) total the quantity for each product and enter each quantity in the app. Check your addition!! We cannot fix any errors in order entry.

  3. Tap “View Order Summary” in the blue bar.

  4. Option for Military Donation. Tap “Skip to decline”, or enter amount and tap “Add to cart”

  5. View the order summary. BE CAREFUL!! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IN THE ORDER. Each product will default to “Delivered.” This status only applies to scouts who sold door-to-door with actual product in a wagon. If you didn’t do that, you MUST tap “Delivered” to change it to “Undelivered.” See attached image. Military will always have a “Delivered” status.  After your final review/okay, tap “$ Take Payment” in the blue bar.

  6. Payment is encouraged at the time of sale. At the Payment Type screen, tap “credit/debit card” or “cash.” Tap “Record Customer Info.” Record just enough information to know who your customer is and if they paid or not, e.g., “Grandma PAID”, or “Uncle Jack UNPAID”. Unfortunately, we need to add “UNPAID” since Trail’s End doesn’t offer an unpaid button.

  7. “$ Take Payment” If credit card, tap “Manual Credit Card Entry”

  8. Congratulations! The order has been successfully recorded. (Optional: Take your customer’s information in order to send a receipt via text or email.)

IF YOU NEED TO MAKE ANY CHANGES (change delivered/undelivered status, etc), watch this video...go to timecode 01:55.




REMINDER #1:  For step #5 in the app, change the status for each product from “Delivered” to “Undelivered.” If you leave it as “Delivered,” we will NOT order the popcorn and your customer won’t get his order.


REMINDER #2:  Do not enter a copy of your online order in the app, or vice versa. This would create a duplicate order and you would be financially responsible. Enter orders once…either online or in the app.



Consider me your tech support for Trail's End. Please CALL me if you have any questions or would like to review your order to ensure everything is correct. This is my home number. If you get voice mail, leave a message and I will call you back:  (914) 961-7625



Mrs. Hughes


Pack 6 Crestwood